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kv kv is back!

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luhan doesn’t get the game

kv is back!

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(♡) 20140106 BTOB Behind Story :: To.Melody// 2014 손글씨 연하장♡
In age order ^^

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Requested By: MyKpopRoom

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his face when he gets kisses from the puppy

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I can’t help but admire Yixing! He’s always caring and thanking his fans. He’s a soft guy, but in a very good way. I’m weak to that kind of guys. I never really payed much attention to him in the beginning, but now I’m just in love. How can I not fall for an angel?!
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Is the english subs for episode 4 of the exo show already up? If so, do you think you can send out a link unless you already have? Thanks in advance!


Yes They are out!

Here You Go~

EXO Showtime EP 4

You’re More Than Welcome!



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sungjae: 6 + 6 = Ilhoonie!

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